031 – Procedural Modeling for Destruction

Its been awhile since my last post but here’s something I have been working on in the past few days. It’s a NYC inspired procedural building ready to be destroy by an earthquake. I’ll be posting more of the process as I go completing it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.56.36 PM

The exterior walls have two layers of two different bricks. building procedural modeling_4

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.49.59 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-19 at 11.15.04 AM

building procedural modeling

The floors and stairs.Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 11.14.11 AM

building procedural modeling_3

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 11.14.31 AM

building procedural modeling_1

I can randomize which window has an AC.building procedural modeling_2

The fire escape its procedural as well.Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 11.14.42 AM

This is how the exterior looks like so far with all the parts.Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 11.15.24 AM

The beauty of proceduralism. Now I can change how many stories I want my building to be and all my network will update.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 11.17.02 AM

I can have as many stories as I want…Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 11.25.53 AM

…and of course, the interior will update as well.Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 11.26.13 AM

Here’s how my network looks like so far. It gets big really fast.Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 11.27.36 AM

9 thoughts on “031 – Procedural Modeling for Destruction”

  1. I have been trying to do something similar although for smaller size building (3 to 4 floors). My biggest challenge is actually cutting the windows and doors from the bricks. My initial thought would be to do a boolean but it was too slow. Any tips on getting that cut ?


  2. yo, this is quite interesting, I too am also learning some houdini. I would beinterested in having a peek at how you approach the scalablity of your building.. Do you have hip somewhere you wouldnt mind sharing?


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