037 – Earthquake – Building collapse R&D 01

Following up with the procedural building I created (see here > 031 – Procedural Modeling for Destruction ) I decided to start playing around with it on DOP.

I started by breaking some of the structure of the building using the voronoi fracture sop.

Interior wall, about 9,000 pieces. 1k per floor.


For the interior walls, I’m scattering points on the surface based on their area.


And the windows.


This is my fracturing network. Basically I’m looping using the forEach SOP to fracture each piece individually.


And here how I’m setting up the constraint network, its a very simple constraint network using Glue Constraint and Spring Constraint.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 10.23.22 PM.png

Also I’m using a VOP Attribute to create noise in the strength attribute and then I’m plugging that value into the color to have some visual representation.


Red means full strength and black means 0 strength.


Strength before and after the noise


Using the edit parameter interface, I created a few options to quickly tweak the strength. and a seed value to randomize the noise.


Same constraint with different seed values.


After that I’m sending everything into dop.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 10.23.34 PM.png


Here’s an early test


And of course, everything is procedural.



I’ll be adding debris and pyro sim next.

4 thoughts on “037 – Earthquake – Building collapse R&D 01”

  1. where and how are you incorporating the spring constraints? I was trying to achieve this using the cone-twist but i’m not getting desired results.
    Also that noise for strength is going to be pretty useful.


    1. Hey Sparsh, I’m using a Glue cluster. Basically from cluster to cluster Im using spring constraints but the pieces within each cluster are glue constraint.


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